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About Susan



She has been an active participant in our community's life since she moved here. From building playgrounds, to helping our schools, to analyzing our government, Sue has been engaged. For example, currently on the Board of the Heights Library Foundation - Fund for the Future of Heights Libraries, she is working to keep our local libraries strong for the future.

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Background and History

Previously Sue directed strategic initiatives for a local nonprofit, Working for Empowerment through Community Organizing (WECO). She brokered expansion and new business loans, published a quarterly business publication, supervised a task force of 30 business owners in three Cleveland wards, and wrote the first Micro-enterprise grant. Through this work she was awarded the Small Business Financial Services Advocate of the Year, Cleveland District by the U.S. Small Business Administration. She served as project coordinator for John Carroll University, Center for Community Service, was staff associate for Reaching Heights Foundation, and co-owner and founder of the Easy Rider Van Service, developed to transport children safely from school to after school activities.

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Sue has a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, and a School Treasurer's license from the State of Ohio (2009 - 2014). She has earned professional credentials: the Grant Professional Certification from the Grant Professional Certification Institute and the Certified Grants Management Specialist certificate from the National Grants Management Association. She was a member of the inaugural classes of both credientialed examinees.


Sue and her husband Eric have raised three young women who are out, making their mark in the world.

A Little Bit About Her...

Sue has lived on Charney Road in University Heights for 31 years. Married to Eric, a former Library Board Trustee, they have three daughters who attended Canterbury Elementary School, Wiley Middle School and graduated from Cleveland Heights High School.

Kelsey, the oldest at 34, also graduated from the Cuyahoga East Vocational Education Consortium (CEVEC), a vocational education program for disabled students. She lives independently in Woodmere and works near Steelyard Commons.

Elisabeth (31), after graduating from Kalamazoo College with a double major in Anthropology and East Asian studies, spent time in Japan. After graduation she lived and worked in Japan, on the island of Dogo, in the sea of Japan ( On Dogo, she taught English, rotating among 10 elementary and 6 junior high schools on the the island. She is now back in the states, working at a mortgage brokerage firm in Chicago.

Valerie (28) has graduated with a fine arts degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and is supporting her artistic vision by working at Starbucks.

Her History of Community Involvement

Role Organization
Founding President;
Fund for the Future of Heights Libraries - Foundation to support CH-UH Libraries
Member University Heights Charter Review Commission
Observer University Heights City Council meetings for the League of Women Voters
CH-UH Chair League of Women Voters,
CH-UH Chapter
Treasurer League of Women Voters,
CH-UH Chapter
Founder University Heights
Community Coalition and NeighborLink
Co-Chair Citizens for Heights Schools
President CH-UH Council of PTA's
(12 PTA units)
Chair CanPlay Playground Committee,
Canterbury School
Founder Advocates for a Better Canterbury (ABC)
Member University Heights
Year 2000 Committee
Member University Heights
Committee for the 90's